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Five Key Pieces for Maximizing Your Small Living Room


There is a common misconception that if you live in a small space you need to select small pieces of furniture to fit within the space. This is wrong for a couple of reasons 1) Your furniture won’t be as comfortable and 2) It creates the tendency to want to fill the room with other small pieces – which clutters the space.

Our number one piece of advice for decorating your small living room is to pick comfortable pieces you truly love, and to be clever about which pieces you pick. Choose furniture and accessories that allow you to maximize your use of the space.

We’ve put together a guide on which pieces will help you maximize the square footage of your small living room.

1. Sectionals  Sectional couches like the Aarhus Sectional Sofa allow you to gain more seating by taking advantage of a room’s often under-utilized corner.

You can also reconfigure the pieces of a sectional to meet your needs. For example you can set up the sections across from each other, so that when guests arrive they can face each other instead of all squeezing onto the couch. Another added perk of a sectional? They are often wide enough to serve as an extra bed when guests stay over.

2. Nesting tables  Again emphasizing the power of reconfiguration! Just like the sectional, nesting tables like this Trio Nesting End Table can be separated when needed, but can also tuck into each other so they take up minimal room.

3. Big Mirrors – Mirrors that take up a good portion of a wall really open up the space and make it look bigger. We love putting pieces like the Gerundio Floor Mirror in entryways and living rooms.

4. Floating shelves – Walls are often under-utilized spaces. By hanging floating shelves you can store items like books and proudly display your favorite trinkets, freeing up much needed tabletop space.

5. Ottomans – Ottomans are the ultimate multitaskers: they can be used for storage, seating, and some like the American Leather Uno have lids that flip over to become tray tops.


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