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Featured Brand: Borowski


World renowned for their high quality and whimsical hand-blown glass art pieces, sculptures and statutes, the works created by Glass Studio Borowski are coveted by art dealers and collectors all over the world.

Born in France, Stanislaw Borowski honed his skill as a master glass sculptor, creating his own tools and practicing traditional as well as new inventive techniques to craft his works of art out of his small studio in his garage. His work is exhibited around the world, most prominently in Germany, the USA, the Netherlands and Japan.

Together with his sons, Pawel and Wiktor, Stanislaw founded the Glass Studio Borowski in 1990 in Poland and in 1993 his other son, Stani Jan joined the family business. Today their masterpieces are sold worldwide and are praised for their high level of craftsmanship and ethereal design. Today you can see their vivid collections at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York, considered one of the most important glass museums in the world.

Glass is such an incredibly unique material, made with the utmost of attention and care. Forging a natural connection with the environment, glass also plays with color, light and form to create a dramatic yet artistic and surreal vision. Glass Studio Borowski’s intensely creative designs maximize these possibilities.

Whether you prefer one of their adorable and bright animal forms or a sophisticated statue or sculpture, Borowski’s pieces are unique works of art that will bring pleasure to whomever encounters them.

We are very honored to welcome Wiktor Borowski to our showroom on Sunday,May 27 to sign pieces from your collection, or if you wish to purchase from our collection on that day. This coincides with the incredible display of Borowski products taking place at Flamingo Gardens May 26 – September 3, 2018. Definitely not to be missed!


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