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Expect the Unexpected


The fashion industry works at a minimum one full season ahead and the furniture industry is no different. That being said it is not unusual for the trend makers to look backwards and use what has been happening socially and politically to help “color” their predictions. 2015 predicts the idea of extremes (think the winter of 2013-4) evolving towards stability (dare we suggest any partisan political agreements?).  Opposing ideas create synergy as unexpected shades find harmony and the old and new converge for fresh looks that are as contemporary as they are timeless. 

Here are four palettes the industry paper Home Accents Today has published

  1. Energetic orange, red and pink converge with cool blue, purple and taupe with a dash of Apple green and yellow to demonstrate unity and creativity.
  2. An earthy foundation of moss green, soft brown and cool blue is enlivened by a playful petal pink and spirited shades of purple to interpret the beauty of nature

  3. Sophisticated black and white offset dusty neutrals enhanced by tropical turquoise, yellow and orange to suggest and mimic the uninhibited wildness of a jungle oasis touched by a smidgeon of cosmopolitan.

  4. Vivid apricot, cheerful yellow-green and soft taupe pair with pastel pinks, corals and peaches for a combination that embraces warmth and exhilaration to give a sense of playfulness. 

With all of this to look forward to market cannot come too fast!


Sklar Furnishings