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Enter The World of Wall Sconces


A wall sconce is a type of lighting fixture that is attached to the wall. The sconce is a very old form of a fixture. It used to be used with candles or oil lamps. 

The wall sconce has remained a fixture in interior design for many reasons. Wall sconces take zero floor space and deliver a good amount of light for their small footprint. They’re also remarkably beautiful, and a great way to build on a theme or play off a motif in any space.

With new materials and styles, there’s a wall sconce to suit any space, and we’ve got some amazing pieces in our showroom. 

Enchantingly Ensconced

We begin with the Nightbloom Wall Sconce from Lladro, an enchanting design from Marcel Wanders. Handcrafted in Spain, this sconce features porcelain leaves emanating from the light fixture, which diffuse the light and create an organic impression that’s completed by fine details and a matte finish.

The Charleston Applique Wall Lamp, from Reflex Angelo, is carried on the strength of fine crafting and materials. A stainless steel body holds a shade made of Murano glass rods. These rods diffuse light wonderfully, and in color options like amethyst or aquamarine, they can add a splash of unexpected brightness to complement or contrast a room.

The Terra Applique Wall Lamp, also from Reflex Angelo, is a sleek and impressive example that hugs the wall. A strip of LED lights on a raised, narrow bar provides illumination against a burnished brass finish metal body. This novel design has a minimal profile, maximizing spaces while providing a notable dash of style and the light hat makes a space usable.

Nature clearly inspires the Fan Wall Sconces from Aqua Creations. Using organic forms evoked by silk covered steel, these sconces create the graceful impression of undersea coral structures. A combination of elegance and playfulness makes these a great way to lighten the mood or create serenity.

The Twins Sconce from Barovier & Toso combines craft and materials in an eye-catching design. This elegant and modern sconce maximizes the potential of glass, opaque glass, and chromed steel to deliver subtle and perfectly diffused lighting. A large profile and presence fills larger spaces without crowding out smaller ones.

Terzani’s Frame Wall Sconce is a lovely and minimalist design that creates a big impression. A chromed bracket supports a glass body and lamp that is completed by the addition of a shade clearly inspired by the structure of leaves or of coral growth, creating a brilliant diffusion of light and shadow that delights the eye.

Light the Walls

Wall sconces are a timeless part of interior design, and new materials, ideas, and manufacturing techniques have created sconces to fit any space or style. From the minimal profiles and low power consumption made possible by LED lights, to the maximized impressions made possible by modern polymer, glass, and steel—we’re living in an excellent epoch for lighting design that truly shines.


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