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Enjoy the Great Outdoors


Making a home look beautiful and attractive is about designing all areas with the same amount of detail. Full-exposed or partially covered outdoor spaces pose a unique problem. They are an extension of the indoors but are also exposed to the elements. This makes it very difficult to keep them looking as spruced-up as the rest of the house. Most people tend to use outdoor furniture that is made from long-lasting material for these exposed spaces.

The Weather Challenge

However, they always find it challenging to find furnishing that will withstand the vagaries of nature and maintain its appeal. Outdoor fabrics are made from various synthetic fibers like acrylic, polyester and cotton blends too. All these fabrics are run through a special chemical treatment during the manufacturing process. This helps them repel water, resist rot and soling and impede mildew growth.

Outdoor Fabrics

Today, a large number of companies manufacture outdoor fabrics and Sunbrella Performance Fabric, Covington SD, Bella-Dura Premium Fabric, Tommy Bahama TBO, P/K Lifestyles OD and Waverly SNS are some of the most well-known companies that manufacture them. Most of these fabrics are manufactured to meet similar goals and are available in matte and shiny finishes and smooth and rough textures. High-quality outdoor fabrics are long lasting and durable and do not have to be replaced often. The important thing is to opt for fabrics that match the decor and design in the rest of your house.

It’s a Material World

Sunbrella is a solution-dyed, 100% acrylic fabric that is perfect for fully exposed areas. It holds up very well to the sun and repels water. Since the acrylic threads are woven only after they are dyed, the material does not fade easily and the color is consistent right through the fabric. Typically, this material is used for umbrellas and awnings. However, the furniture grade version is more porous and is especially made for cushions and pillows.

Apart from this, acrylic-coated, 100% polyester material can be used. Acrylic-coated, polyester cotton blends are a mix of natural and man-made fibers. They look good, are durable and have a very wide color selection. Vinyl-laminated and vinyl-coated cotton fabrics are used for commercial awnings and larger canopies.

Use the best-quality outdoor furnishings and your terrace, patio or balcony will reflect your style for years to come.


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