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Encompassing Global Patterns and Style


Embrace the travel bug and the love for cultures by infusing your home with patterns from around the world. Global patterns is the latest trend in decorating one’s house. Whether its block prints, animal prints, a tribal vibe or a natural bamboo infusion, its bound to add an aura of personality and culture to one’s rooms. Global style is an artful blend of exotic patterns, worldly finds, and earthy materials. Global style is often confused with boho or eclectic style. Let’s go over some basics to bring the world into your little safe haven.

Global style 101:
● Handcrafted and moulded artwork from around the world
● Earthy tones with a pop of color
● Carved wood decor elements
● Exotic patterns

Each country has its own cultures and traditions and they are a big part of the style of the particular region. The influence of the culture can be seen in everything you see around you – the layout, the patterns, the motifs.  To make global style decorating job easier, it’s best to pick one destination and incorporate its style into your own.

African style
To create a Saharan African feel, start with a neutral palette, add in some animal motifs and mud cloth fabric.

Morocco style
To reflect a Moroccan desert style, incorporate strong colors of blue, green, red and shimmering gold and silver, plush rugs with floor cushions, and glass lanterns.

Japanese style
To design a Japanese inspired space is all about paring things down. The aim is to create a simple, clean and uncluttered look. Start by adding bonsai or bamboo plants, natural wood elements and incorporating cherry blossom motifs.

Indian style
To embrace the Indian style, decorate with carved wood, elephant motifs, bold and bright textiles, and arched mirrors.

Chinese style
Chinese style is about working with pagoda style lamps, intricate hand painted patterns, a lot of red and open floor plans allowing the flow of natural light.

Blending of cultures is an element that makes a living space truly global. So go ahead and pull cues from multifaceted regions to transport yourself to far flung places from within the comfort of your home.


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