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Elemental Journey


Color is always on the move and right now it is exploring its origins.  Color inspired by Mother Nature is as old as color dyeing itself.

Colors that reflect the Earth’s infinite variety —the rich reds within a flame; the shimmering blues of water; the varied greens of vegetation; and the organic neutrals of grains, wood and grasses are all ones that we are drawn to naturally.

Reds – Focus on a brilliant flower or a glowing ember. You will not see a single red: you’ll see a glorious gradation of hues, from fuchsia to orange red to violet to delicate pink.  Red is the color of fire, passion and the earth’s molten core.  With China on the rise, and red products selling briskly, the hue has new dominance.  The old rules against mixing reds with oranges or purples no longer apply. Today’s red-based palettes are as passionate and free-spirited as the color itself.

Blues – Today’s blues celebrate two essential basics—water and denim.  Clean water is a treasured commodity, from the ocean to the taps in our homes. Our growing appreciation for this resource is shading water-inspired palettes that evoke rivers, lakes and seas.  Meanwhile as we hope for economic blue skies, we are rediscovering denim, the fabric of the American worker. Hues from the darkest indigo to faded-jean blue, some with violet undertones are fresh and functional showing up in materials as diverse as plastic and glass.

Greens – We are serious about going green today and our greens reflect that.  Unlike the light-hearted yellow based greens of the recent past, today’s greens are lush, moody and complex.  They reflect the depths of sea and forest, and take their cues from seaweed, algae and moss.  Green’s presence is everywhere even in the urban core, where rooftop and kitchen gardens continue to sprout.  We are bringing old growth influence indoors with broad leafed patterns and rough hewn textures.

Neutrals – Raw organic materials and sustainability remain driving color influences.  Picture a field of grain, a pile of pebbles, weathered wood and earthy clay.  Instead of the steely grays that have dominated the last few years today’s palette mixes warm and cool tones to create a temperature that is just right.  Gold tones—reflecting the sun, dried grasses and soft metallics are subtly warming up the palette.  Textured elements, such as linen, unfired porcelain and mixed woods contribute subtle tonal variations.

Whatever you choose—choose what you love and are drawn to—you can’t go wrong if you love it!


Sklar Furnishings