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Don’t Forget the Popcorn


You may think that a big screen and a great sound system are the only elements that make the perfect home theater stand out from the rest. However, you will discover that you need much more if you want to achieve that theater-like feel that you are looking for. Check out these great ideas that will help you make the most of your movie experience in your very own home theater:

Relax in a Recliner

The greatest benefit of a home theater is the ultimate level of comfort that it provides. Recliners are the ideal choice for home theaters simply because you can adjust them in whichever position makes you feel the most comfortable. Recliners allow you to enjoy the authentic feel of a theater without sacrificing comfort and convenience in anyway.

Drapery and Shutters

It is difficult to imagine a theater without that black out feel and look that creates mystery and sets the mood for watching movies for hours and hours. With a full spectrum of colors, patterns, textures, and materials, choosing the perfect drapery and shutters for your home theater might be a challenge, which is why you should work with professional designers to help you explore your options and identify the best possible choice for your lifestyle.


A stage or platform is the ultimate addition that can convert a room into a veritable theater or cinema. Platforms confer authenticity to home theaters in a way that no other piece of furniture can. So when you plan a home theater, make sure you consider platforms. Made to support several rows of chairs, platforms enhance a clear sight line for every person in the room.

Hide TV Screens

The wonders of technology keep amazing us at every corner. Furniture that hides the TV when you are not in the room is the perfect example. Such pieces allow better space optimization and offer a home theater a unique professional look.

Exclusive Spaces

The garage or the basements are some of the most underused spaces in a home. With a little help from professional designers, you can easily transform your garage or basement, into the most impressive home theater. You can then start your relaxation sessions all by yourself or have some fun with your friends and family while watching a movie.

Cuddle Chairs

A unique offspring of a loveseat and a single-seat chair, the cuddle chair adds coziness, intimacy, elegance, and a modern feel to a living space. If used effectively, cuddle chairs can transform any room into a contemporary home theatre. The benefits of cuddle chairs are many: they are versatile, easy to move on the fly, and come in a variety of styles and colors to match any space – not to mention the cuddling! Ideal for small spaces, the cuddle chair’s use is not confined to compact living arrangements and can bring the same sophistication and classiness to any other arrangement. 


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