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Divine Proportion


Living Room

High ceilings don’t always require furniture with weight and height. It’s possible to achieve a sleek, sophisticated look by incorporating low modern furniture. If your rooms have lower ceilings, taking drapery panels from floor to ceiling will make your room seem taller. Keep the scale of pieces in mind; a small cocktail table will not work with a large over–stuffed sofa. Choose a larger picture, or a pairing of pictures, to hang over substantial furniture, like a sofa; place smaller works over a table or chair. Get the right size TV by measuring the distance from the sofa to where it the TV will be (in inches), then dividing by 2.5 the sum you end up with is the width of the screen you should purchase, if you want to get the proportions right.

Dining Room

When it comes to your dining table avoid a squeezed look by allowing a 36” – 39” gap between your dining table and the nearest obstacle behind each chair. Too many chair and table legs can make a room look uncomfortable, awkward and neurotic. A fully upholstered or skirted piece of furniture or two will make it feel more grounded.


Sklar Furnishings