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Designer Spotlight: Richard Frinier


Two quotes from Richard Frinier “inside or outside – you decide” and “we all have time – how will you spend yours?” will help you understand this very prolific and talented designer.

He has spent the last 30 years of his career designing product to create spaces that inspire people to bring the quality of indoor living outdoors and the casual spirit of the outdoors inside. His personal mantra “authentic, relevant and memorable styling” has led to his creations which are both sophisticated and elegant.

Richard spent over 20 years as the Chief Creative Officer and manager of the brand of Brown Jordan. He has designed hundreds of collections which can be seen in private residences, the finest resorts and spas and royal palaces. He has received over 80 product and achievement awards and in 2009 received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Casual Furnishings Association (outdoor furniture).

He is widely credited with fueling the popular life style trends of the outdoor room, the stay-cation, and resort-at-home-living. He really believes we should all take 5 minute vacations throughout the day to refresh ourselves and to slow down enough that life is always pleasurable. Food for thought.

Today with his wife and partner he runs Richard Frinier Design Studio – as well as the design process associated with bringing a product to market they are also very supportive of the design students and support several scholarships at some of the leading design and trade organizations.

We are delighted and proud to carry a few of his collections in the store. Come and have a look and you will understand why he is so highly decorated.


Sklar Furnishings