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Designer Spotlight: Milo Baughman


Milo Baughman is probably one of the most recognized pioneers in modern design and one of the leading modern furniture designers of the second half of the 20th century. His recognition is partly due to the fact that Thayer Coggin where he worked for 50 years has a lifetime licensing agreement so that his designs are constantly being reintroduced to the public by no other than the daughter of Thayer Coggin who now runs the company based in North Carolina.

His uniquely American Designs are forward-thinking and distinctive and yet unpretentious. The relaxed and timeless quality of his designs has meant that his product continues to be widely collected and reinvented and revived by designers around the world. Baughman’s design philosophy was that good design is enduring design. His ingrained restraint did not permit the look of mere novelty to enter in, rather he achieved a look that is modern but never violates the timeless standards of good design.

In 1987 he was inducted into the Furniture Hall of Fame and it is a testament to his work that his designs are as modern today as they were in the 1950’s. As well as doing design work he lectured broadly on the state of modern design extolling the positive effect of good design on human beings. This discussion continues today…

We have the privilege of having some of his product on the floor and are thrilled to have this partnership with the company Thayer Coggin.


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