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Designer Spotlight: Alexander Krivosheiw


Based out of West Palm Beach, FL, sculptor Alexander Krivosheiw creates abstract forms in bronze and aluminum, ranging in size from small maquettes to large form sculptures. His sculptures are imbued with a sense of motion that makes them seem virtually weightless, regardless of their proportions.

He was educated in New York and Crete, and sculpted in clay and marble before serving a seven year apprenticeship under Kevin Barrett. Krivosheiw’s other influences include modern aesthetics, industrial design, ancient Greek mythology and Futurism. His flowing forms combine elements of representative art and abstraction, suggesting figures in a way that leaves interpretation up to the viewer.

Krivosheiw’s hand-welded and polished Torso, Amour and First Kiss Maquettes seem to express joyful and romantic emotions in their mysteriously satisfying curves and flourishes. They balance traditional metal fabrication techniques with a highly contemporary sensibility, with results that add both style and soul to any space.


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