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Create a Cozy, Functional Family Room


The family room is usually the hub of the home. It’s the preferred space for us to kick back, relax, watch TV, read a good book, or spend time with friends & family. Because this room often serves multiple functions – decorating & furnishing can be a challenge. Here are some simple steps to help you create the ideal family room.

Picking the right furniture

Every home is different, and choosing the right sofa, loveseat, recliner chairs and coffee table for your family room is a personal decision. You want your family room to be comfortable and relaxing, and choosing modern, contemporary furniture will provide both beauty and comfort. But first, you’ll need to decide on the room’s functions. Will your family room double as a media room where you can watch television and listen to music? Will you need built-in bookshelves to house your library? Once you figure out what you’ll be using your family room for, you can begin to choose the right furnishings. Your family has its own unique needs and style, and Sklar’s skilled interior designers will help you choose the right furniture for your family’s needs.Creating zones in your family room will help to keep it organized. Have a toy zone, a media room zone, and any other specific areas you need.

Choose the right size area rug

An area rug makes your living space cozy and inviting, and also adds color and texture. However, it’s critical to choose the right sized area rug for your space. You want your space to look proportioned and symmetrical, but many people choose area rugs that are too small because they don’t want to cover up too much of their flooring.

Choosing an area rug should be one of the last things you do when redecorating your space. Make sure all of your furniture and fixtures are already in place, and choose your area rug based on your furniture—not the other way around.

Many ready-made area rugs come in different standard sizes. Let your furniture determine the size of area rug you’ll need. All of your furniture should touch the perimeter of the area rug, so to determine the right size, tape out the perimeter of your furniture, and measure out the size you will need.

There’s no hard and fast rule on sizing for area rugs, but you’ll definitely need to consider the size of your room. For smaller spaces, you might want to leave eight inches of floor exposed; larger spaces may require 18 inches. Two feet around the perimeter is another popular option.

How close should your sofa be to the TV?

When choosing a new TV for your family room, it can be difficult to know how close your sofa should be to the TV. A simple calculation is to measure the size of your television screen by 1.5. For example, if you have a 32-inch television set, the television should be 48 inches away from your sofa. There are also online distance calculators to help you determine the right distance from your room. Whether you have a wall-mounted TV, or an entertainment center to house your TV and home theater equipment, you should try to place your TV so that your eye falls to the middle of the screen when you are seated on the sofa.


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