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Contemporary Meets Traditional


One exciting trend in interior design is the mixing of contemporary and traditional design elements. This decor technique is a stunning way to freshen up a stale room, and is a great way to transition from two decorating styles. Maybe you’ve recently been given your grandparents beautiful dining room set, but feel the overall look is a little heavy and old-fashioned. Or, perhaps you’ve just designed your perfectly modern minimalist living room, but now feel the room feels cold. Blending the two styles can be the perfect way to give warmth and depth to the sleekness of modernism, and provide a clean light feel to the rich, luxurious comfort of traditionalism. Try some of these ideas for an easy way to change the look and feel of your home.

Keep Walls and Floors Warm and Neutral

Juxtaposing traditional furniture with colder whites or bright colors can overwhelm the pieces and jar the eye. Similarly, richer colors including golds, reds and browns can seem out of place next to the sleek lines of contemporary furniture. In contrast, warm, neutral tones for walls and flooring easily compliments both styles, and can serve to tie the two disparate styles together. This will also be less distracting to the eye, allowing the interesting mix of furniture and fixture styles be the star of the room.

Choose One Standout Piece and Compliment with Accessories

Choosing one standout piece to build the room around is a great way to ease into the transitional style, or integrate one of your favorite contemporary or traditional pieces into an already finished room. To fully integrate the piece into your already established aesthetic, carefully chosen accessories can bridge the gap between the two styles. Perhaps you wouldn’t think, for example, that a sleek leather bed with crisp white linens would clash with your Great-Aunt Sally’s mahogany dressing table. Incorporate traditional accessories like classic Murano vases or a richly patterned knotted-pile rug, however, and the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts. In the same way, a contemporary chandelier can bring a traditionalist dining room into the present day with modernist tabletop sculptures and contemporary china and flatware.


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