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Contemporary Design


Contemporary Design refers to the styles and trends of the present – in other words what is current right now. Even though they share similar characteristics do not confuse contemporary with modern. What is considered Contemporary today very well may not be tomorrow where the style known as Modern has staying power.

In early 2015 Contemporary furniture is pulling elements from mid-century modern, Danish modern and other modern styles. There is a feeling of openness with chairs and sofas elevated from the floor on thin stainless legs and the use of reflective surfaces in tables and lighting add to the feel of openness and freshness.

Even though contemporary furniture appears to be constantly in flux there are definitely some classic characteristics to watch for:

Simple, clean lines – A home decorated in this style may appear light, airy and minimalistic due to the clean lines and smooth lustrous finishes used. The use of lacquer continues the theme of reflective surfaces and adds to the clean look.

Square edged couches and chairs – The pieces are most often elevated from the ground with no skirting or extra material. This bareness or negative space created under and around couches and chairs is as important to creating the look and feel of a contemporary home as the piece itself.

Natural materials and textures – Natural woods, textured fabrics and neutral colors like brown, black, grey, cream, taupe or white all scream contemporary. Usually bright colors are saved for accent pieces whether they are pillows, accessories or artwork. Occasionally someone will pop a bright red ottoman into the middle of a stark white room. Silver, copper and bronze – again all part of the reflective feel of the pieces are commonly used right now. Silk, velvet, linen and wool – all natural materials are frequently used in accent pieces.

Contemporary colors – As mentioned above the typical colors are black, cream, taupe, white, grey or brown. Without the correct accent the room could verge on looking bland. However by adding a huge abstract painting that will take center stage and not have to fight with a cacophony of colors will change the blah to wow!


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