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Contemporary Décor


Whether they are functional or strictly decorative, the beautiful objects we surround ourselves with are what make our homes our own. Join us as we explore a few of our favorite contemporary designers and pieces, and how through Sklar Furnishings, you can discover the contemporary side and potential of your space.

Mapoon Area Rug

A rustic allure and neutral palette with a faded and used appearance, the Mapoon area rug is a great backdrop to any contemporary space. Elegant and practical, designer Cattelan Italia knows how to enhance interior prepositions with originality and innovation. Their products are conceived with sensitivity to daily living and passion for contemporary lifestyle.

Elson Bowls

Mixed metals at their finest, this shiny steel and brass trio of bowls is at once rustic and sophisticated. These contemporary bowls with sophisticated designs are the perfect table enhancement for a special occasion or your ordinary sit-down.

Pinkwin Sculptures

The Pinkwin designed by Guy Buseyne is attractive because of its balanced and pure lines in a highly stylised form. The palette of black, white, graphite and optional emphasis of gold and bronze enhances its classy appearance. The sculpture is even more striking in a group arrangement. A game of perfectly graceful waving lines; where black and white are in perfect balance, this is contemporary minimalism at its best.


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