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Color Your World


Mixing and matching the right colors may be overwhelming but the effects can be transformative. Buy sample sizes containers of the color you think you want as well as a shade lighter and darker and paint them all onto large pieces of thick white paper or directly on the walls you’re painting. Watch how the color changes throughout the day and night or with candlelight. When in doubt, our experts are happy to help choose a color that matches your current space to avoid missing the mark.

Dark walls can do the opposite of what you’d expect, they make a small room feel bigger and it pops the moldings. Use the same intensity or tone throughout the house though; mixing light and dark tones can be jarring. The exception is a monochromatic scheme; here, using different tones will give a cohesive look.

If you want to experiment with color, use the powder bathroom as your canvas. This room is generally small and not open to other rooms, therefore, it’s a great place to have fun and be bold.

If white or light toned neutrals (cream, off white or taupe) appeal to your calming instincts, use plenty of texture – white walls and smooth white furnishings can blend into boredom. Add shades of warmth with pale tans or faded yellows to keep white from looking sterile. By using neutrals and tone on tone it allows you more flexibility to add a splash of vibrant color with an accent piece.

If you’re unsure about color, buy large furniture pieces in neutrals – beige, brown, cream, black, grey or navy – and save bolder hues for your art, accessories and paint scheme. Smaller items are easier and less expensive to change and will keep your home fresh and current.

For main walls, use a flat or eggshell paint in a slightly ‘muddy’ colors over true colors such as a creamy or green based yellow; this can be easier on the eyes when used than say a lemon yellow.


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