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Color has Power


Color has the power to energize, inspire and warm the soul. Waking up to just the right sunny shade might motivate a productive morning, while a cool tone might support restive sleep.  Here are a couple of tips to tastefully incorporate color into your decor without overdoing it.

  1. Keep it neutral— by using a neutral backdrop on the walls and floors you can easily pop color in with lighting, bar stools, rugs and pillows
  2. Minimize color— this seems counterintuitive but more than 20% color to the 80% neutral becomes frenetic.
  3. Think inexpensive—- have color on your more inexpensive pieces like pillows, art and florals so when you want to change to a different accent color the cost does not become the deciding factor.

A cream color sofa can be accented with orange, then with turquoise, then with purple, then with black, then with brown and on and in.


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