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Classic Black & White Never Goes Out of Style


Back to the basics with black & white decor

Powerful interior design is about concepts and colors. And black & white decor has always been a classic color combination. Style leaders for interior designing will create vibrant, colorful and prismatic designs but alongside, every now and then they would also lean on black & white schemes. It’s a great way of going graphic, clean and chic. This color combination is an excellent way of making a statement that is understated yet bold – all at once. From walls, floor accents and furniture, you can use the black & white decor as much or as little as you want.

Coordinate smartly

Black & white decor very naturally co-ordinates itself from a look and feel standpoint and can range from being minimalistic chic to using a wild safari concept. No matter what your style – art deco, modern, minimal or rococo, black and white schemes can add a look that is remarkably different. Graphic patterns and bold prints work very well with this combination, as do intricate, or paisley patterns. You can opt for snappy architectural solutions from Sklar Furnishings, like striped black and white wallpapers or patterned furnishing.

Opening-up spaces

Even small areas with open designs and a black & white color scheme tend to give spaces an expansive look. This color combination came originally from the Regency era and then saw a Hollywood revival and somehow, through the decades, has never gone out of style. It is a very defining color concept and creates a strong foundation for any other color palette that you choose to use within the space. It works well in all rooms as well as outdoors and it’s a very simple play on the looks of any area.

The perfect color scheme

Though the B&W color scheme can be carried through an entire house, you can also use it to great effect in just one room and still maintain equilibrium with the design in the rest of the house. It creates an anchor of sorts and remodeling a kitchen in black and white tones can also be an amazing way of adding accents to an otherwise neutral space. A room with a B&W theme is always more impactful whenever a third accent is incorporated; adding pops of color with canary yellow, coral, aqua or kelly green adds that much-needed visual relief.

Accent your features

Accessorizing effectively for a Black & White space is a lot about not overdoing the concept. Though you can always have either black or white accessories, having choice colorful pieces can help in adding perspective to the interiors. Rich red elements will add warmth while pops of blue or green will lend a very contemporary look.

Try to stick to contemporary displays and light fixtures which will blend in seamlessly with the look of the room or house. With Black & White decor, the focus is on creating drama and effect and furniture, walls and floors will look in-sync with each other even as they offset any other colorful elements that you have added for a unique touch.


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