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Carpet Care



Regular and thorough vacuuming with a suction–only vacuum will prolong the life of your area rug considerably (beater bar vacuums are not recommended). For best results, empty your vacuum bag when it is half full.


Pilling fibers may occur because some of the shorter yarn is not caught into the twist of the yarn and float close to the surface of the rug. Therefore they will slough off during the first few months of wear. This is quite normal for natural–fiber products. In percentage terms, the amount is not significant, and the loss does not affect the wear–life of the carpet. Simply vacuum up any loose fibers that may appear.


To minimize surface compression, the area rug should be rotated regularly. In addition, please be aware that direct and constant exposure to light, either sunlight or strong halogen, may affect the dye colors in the rug. Some fading may occur if not rotated regularly.

Rug Pads

These are recommended. They will protect both the floor and the rug.

Care for specific rug types:
–Woven Rugs and Knotted Rugs: Should be professionally flat washed or dry cleaned
–Tufted Rugs or Tufted Shaggy Rugs: Should be professionally flat washed with foam.

Spot & Stain Removal

If an accident should happen, do not waste any time. Nine out of every ten stains can be removed if they are dealt with immediately. Blot the area with a paper towel or absorbent cloth or scooping solids with a spoon or scraper. Clean only with warm, fresh water. Do not rub or over–wet the area rug; it may cause the spot to spread or distort the pile. To remove the deepest soil, a professional wool carpet cleaning service is recommended.

Never dry rugs in a tumble dryer, hang it up to dry. It is important that the rug does not lie damp for too long, as this can cause yellowing.


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