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Calm, Cool & Collected


The art of Zen is related to creating tranquility and peace and Sklar Furnishings uses this concept in designing spaces that are meant to soothe and help you unwind. Zen design is minimalistic without necessarily being stark and it stays away from everything gaudy, embellished and ornate. It leans very heavily on subdued elegance, neat and fresh designs and calming colors.

Tranquil Spaces

The color palette in Zen designed spaces is soothing and greens, grays and browns are used in combination with floral colors and patterns. These concepts are carried through in a very harmonious manner through the indoor and outdoor spaces. An effort is made to open up the indoors to bring in more light and air. This is believed to create positive energy and a sense of tranquility. Though the art of Zen design is as old as the Japanese culture, it lends itself beautifully to modern day designing concepts.

Purposeful Design

Pieces without purpose don't have a place in Zen design; the environment should be purposeful and conscious. Plants play a very important role in this concept. The emphasis is on having open spaces and using low-placed furniture with simple and straight designs.  Uniformity in design is not a must as that is considered to be fatal to creativity and freshness of imagination. Instead, the focus is on creating spaces that make use of various shapes and materials that may not match each other perfectly, but create a whole that is alluring and naturally attractive.

Naturally Focused

Natural fiber textiles like silk and tatami mats are used and so is simply-decorated pottery. Zen design is unpretentious and in a way it’s artless and artful all at once. It’s about using unpolished stone, bare wood and flowers in your house and backyard. Bedrooms will have uncomplicated futons and low floor-cushions will be used to sit at a low dining table in the dining room. Bonsais and flowers such as orchids add elegance to the space and a dash of color as well. 

Outdoor and More…

The indoor spaces open up to very cohesive outdoor spaces and beautifully set rock gardens with bamboo trees and hand-raked, fine-crushed gravel are a trademark of Zen design. Water is a very essential element in a Zen garden and it will flow and not cascade down rocks. The space lends itself beautifully to meditation and contemplation. Though these are essentially outdoor spaces, they are also visible from indoors and lend to the tranquil ambience that Zen design is meant to create. 


Sklar Furnishings