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Bring your Green Thumb Indoors


Bringing the outside world into your home with plants and greenery is the easiest way to inject new life (literally!) into your home. Indeed, plants can be the easiest way to subtly change your decor without breaking the bank or committing to a bigger change. Apart from a simple vase of fresh-cut flowers, however, integrating plants and greenery into your decor can sometimes be daunting. Let us guide you on how to green up your home without sacrificing your aesthetic.

Think Outside the Planter Box

Terracotta pots and wooden planter boxes have their place, but can sometimes be drab or clash with your carefully chosen decor style. Instead of settling for the container you brought your new plant home in, try choosing something that will more easily integrate into your home. Enamel mugs, golden goblets, or vintage cooking pots can all be fun and quirky homes for your new acquisition, and you can mix and match to blend seamlessly with your other design accessories. Hanging plant holders can also be used to free up surface space and keep the eye visually interested. Try placing succulents in a hanging glass vessel to create a delicate menagerie-like collection.

Combine Style and Function

When choosing where to place your new greenery, think about plant care and utility as well as aesthetics. An orchid can be an exotic surprise in your bathroom, but the humidity-loving flower will also thrive in a warmer, steamier room. In the kitchen, glass jars can be used as herb planters and turned into a walled, vertical garden that is as much a work of art as a cooking convenience. Additionally, keep in mind plant heights – a tall dracaena in the foyer can be a dramatic framing device for your front door, but could be overwhelming in a dining room. And don’t forget about the furry creatures in your life! Cats and dogs love to chew on greenery, which may not only ruin the plant, but may harm your pet. Make sure to check that your new plant isn’t toxic to your old friend before you bring it home.

Know Your Thumb

There is nothing worse than buying a plant, choosing the perfect holder, and finding the ideal location, and then watching your new design element wither and die despite your best efforts. Not everyone has the greenest thumb, so know your own level of caretaking ability before you buy. If you are new to gardening or have little spare time, low-care plants like the dramatic philodendron, the delicate snake plant, or the hardy flowering cactus can give big impact for little work, and can be great starter plants to help you build up to bonsai.


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