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Brilliant Ideas


The design community is embracing the abundant options now available in the world of lighting. Here are some of the things that excite them the most

  1. Variety is better than it has ever been before.  With all the different finish and shape options available a single lighting fixture can be adapted to many unique applications.  In this new age of creativity Designers can present and interpret their design vision in new and exciting ways.
  2. Because of the new bulbs, designs are emerging that would have been impossible to light with the old incandescent bulbs.  This will only get better as the LED technology moves even further forward.
  3. Architectural lighting is where the illumination is actually incorporated into the element—a wall, the ceiling, toe kick or the trim of a doorframe.  Talk about the wow factor
  4. Low voltage monorail systems suspended from the ceiling have replaced the conventional track lighting.  These have been available for some time but at a very high cost—the drop in price has turned this niche product into a mainstream one.
  5. Outdoor lighting has taken on the challenge of producing an exciting product. For years almost all the outdoor lights were lantern shaped — geometric forms that have LED bulbs integrated into the shape have produced a mores varied and design driven collection.
  6. Color of the light can now also be part of the Designer’s palette.  Because we have the option to use different color temperatures Designers can see the color of the room really start to pop by using better fluorescents and LED bulbs.  Clarity is much improved.
  7. The main trends for 2015 are… combining brass with glass; belted, banded and/or caged lights; transparent colors in ombre and metallics; starburst shapes remain popular; pendants hung in groups in unusual places; and the introduction of copper.

All in all an exciting time for the listing industry.


Sklar Furnishings