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Brass – The Underrated Metallic


Many people associate brass with home decor from the 70s and 80s: shiny, lacquered and requiring polishing. These days brass is back and is the metal of modern home decor. While gold and copper are also having a moment, the hottest metal truly is raw brass. It’s easier to maintain than the shiny brass of the past, with the patina providing the freshest take on the trend.

To add to its now low maintenance status, brass is also incredibly strong – made of copper and zinc, it is rust proof and very malleable. It has a very industrial vibe and can add a casual feel to a more traditional space. Even though it gives off an industrial vibe, it’s warmer than other metals and plays nicely with a wide variety of colors, while still carrying its own vibrancy. Silver and chrome have the tendency to give a room a cooler appearance, so definitely aim for brass, copper or gold if you are looking to warm up a room.

One of the reasons why brass is the metal of the moment is because it pairs up extremely well with 2015’s trendiest colors; emerald and olive green, blush, black, platinum gray, Greek blue, and blue gray.

The number one place to incorporate brass into your home is with your kitchen’s hardware (think faucets and cabinet knobs). The kitchen is also a great place to experiment with this trend in a less committed way through accessories like drinking glasses, wine stoppers, candlesticks and water pitchers. Add hits of brass to a stark white kitchen to make a big statement.

To add a touch of panache to your living room using brass, try a cocktail table like the Satin Brass Cube. Pendant lights like the Calimero Lamp are another great way to add warm metallics and glam to any room.


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