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Brand Feature: Reflex


We have a most exciting new vendor in our showroom. Be prepared to have your jaw drop when you see the quality and beautiful design from the Reflex factory.

Reflex was founded more than 20 years ago and their designs took heavily from the family glass factories that had been established in the 1940’s. Impossible is a word that comes to mind when you see one of their round and flowing table bases topped by a crystal clear sheet of glass. Magnificent is another word when you look at a chandelier made from hundreds of small pieces meant to replicate delicate birds in the wind.

Reflex was the first company to use actual Murano glass as one of the bases for a dining table. You hardly want to put dining chairs around the table – but wait – their dining chairs are also individual works of art themselves. Perhaps I have scared you into thinking that all off this is for show only. Not a chance – as beautiful as it is the collection is comfortable, and very user friendly.

Due to their commitment to Design Reflex has always used famous designers (Pininfarina, Andre Putnam and Arnaldo Gambo to name a few) and this is evident in some of the marvelous pieces they have in their most extensive line of products. Technology is always in the forefront and their ability to cut, grind, mill, silver and bend glass has given rise to some of their more iconic pieces. Wood places an important part in much of the line and the pride and advancement in technology shows in many of their signature pieces.

Their philosophy fits hand in glove with Sklar’s. They want you to have exactly what you want and in whatever finish or color. Ask and they will tailor make it for you.

Come in and see this fabulous line of exquisite furnishings – you will be dazzled!


Sklar Furnishings