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Brand Feature: Reflex Angelo


Born more than twenty years ago, Reflex Angelo is a luxury Italian glass manufactuer that aims to give a new expression to the crystal industry. Deriving from the tradition of the family glassworks established in the 40s, the company has grown into a globally known establishment for its craft. Its glass specialists have an incredible heritage; credited today with revitalising the Venetian tradition of Murano crystal for the modern era.

Reflex Angelo is one of the first companies to use Murano glass in mass production of furniture and accessories and overall, are considered champions of glass: glass tables, transparent chairs, weightless showcases, and more. Reflex Angelo give life to a product unique of its kind, and the vast selection of creative products will allow you to bring an original lightness and elegance to your interior.

As the years pass, Reflex Angelo continues to make its global presence known with showrooms broadcasting its precisely crafted works of art in Berlin and Germany.The industrial pieces are enriched and warmed by shapes and colours that, although topical, always refer to the inexhaustible heritage of the Venetian handicraft with intelligence and creativity.

Reflex Angelo has always maintained the use of high-quality materials, such as glass, marble, forged iron and natural wood finishes, all while applying deep contrast and innovative processes to deliver their signiture look. Sklar Furnishings. carries a number of glass pieces by Reflex Angelo including their spectacular chandeliers. Explore which cutting edge masterpiece you’d like to add to your luxurious home collection.



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