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Brand Feature: Potocco


Recently we received some amazing new pieces from Italian manufacturers Potocco, and we’re excited to reveal them and talk about what makes Potocco special—they have a really cool history and so many gorgeous pieces.

Deep Design Roots

Potocco was founded by Domenico Potocco in 1919, specializing in the manufacture of chairs. From its humble roots as an artisanal chair manufacturer, the company grew rapidly in the postwar years to develop significant production capability. Today, they’re still renowned for their chairs and tables built for indoor and outdoor use.

Throughout over a century of existence, Potocco has remained a family-run business, and their growth didn’t come at the expense of their artisanal approach. Currently led by Antonino Potocco, and his daughters Alice and Marianna, Potocco is continuing a proud tradition of design excellence that has seen their reputation spread from Italy throughout the world.

Table 883

Table 883 is a study in circular proportions, and the overall effect is magical. A massive ash base supports a wide table top available in either ash or luxurious marble. Plenty of available finishes as well as a swivel plate option make the table extra functional, and flexible enough to complement any space—though it may dominate a space, as it’s got a seriously eye catching presence.

Velis Chair

The Velis Chair is a superb example of inspired design. Flowing lines, graceful proportions, gorgeous wood and leather are brought together for a truly astonishing and comfortable effect. The overall effect makes the Velis ideal for setting a refined atmosphere at the dining table.

Concha Chair

A versatile design and quality craftsmanship are evident in the Concha Chair. With or without armrests, this chair exudes a timeless beauty that can be used to elevate the dining or living room. The oak legs are offered with a number of finishes, and the fabric can also be customized for a perfect fit in a residence or commercial space.

Lyz Swivel Chair

The Lyz Swivel Armchair is a graceful and elegant addition to the home, and functional enough for the office or commercial space as well. We love the effortless and clean lines, the little peek of wood at the base, and the enchantingly simple form.

Tray Coffee Table

The Tray coffee table comes in circle, square, and rectangle versions to suit any space and preference, as well as many finishes and materials to suit any style. Clean lines and excellent proportions speak to serious design pedigree, delivering a gorgeous and unique table that brings beauty to the living room.

Enchanting Excellence

Potocco’s refined pieces possess the elegance and raw uncomplicated beauty that can make a space truly inviting. We invite you to come down to the showroom in Boca Raton to see these brilliant pieces in person. If you can’t make it, browsing online might just inspire you to elevate your home or workplace with Potocco furniture.


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