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Brand Feature: Ozzio Italia


A dynamic, flexible company focused on small details and the quality of components, Ozzio Italia has found a way to get design results through simplicity. Emerged from the business venture Pozzoli Group in Brianza, Italy, during the experimental sixties, Ozzio is committed in designing a future where people can enjoy their environment. They accomplish this by crafting original solutions that maximize space and often perform more than one function.

Ozzio knows there is never enough room in the home. At family gatherings for example, one is always trying to find a solution to accommodate all their guests. With the innovative furniture range Ozzio offers – like The Magnum Transformable Table or the Thor Extendable Dining Table – large family gatherings are no longer an issue.

Beyond centering product design firmly around the needs of the client, Ozzio is founded on doing things well. This is why they believe it is essential that all products are designed and made in Italy – the focal point of quality and detail. While technology can be an end of itself, Ozzio believes machines cannot stand on their own. Their expert craftsmen add the human dimension to the manufacturing process which ensures the character of each piece.

A leading Italian furniture company, Ozzio Italia is revered for offering a collection of space-saving products that are exceptional in design, function and transform client lifestyles.


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