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Brand Feature: Kartell


Brand Feature: Kartell

They’re legends for good reason and their pieces are held in private and public collections around the world, and they’ve crafted some of the most intriguing and unexpected plastic furniture ever designed. Kartell’s work in marrying industrial manufacturing processes with modern designs is evidence that industry can coexist with designer style and quality.

Kartell often use transparent polycarbonate plastics in their designs, which creates a strongly retro-futurist impression, similar to the science fiction look of the 1970s combined with the design ethos of contemporary styles. We love Kartell designs and we’d love to share some of them with you!

Sir Gio Dining Table

The Sir Gio Table pairs Kartell’s polycarbonate with a glass tabletop, creating an elegant and transparent table that’s ideal for breakfast nooks or smaller dining rooms. Aesthetic versatility is provided by a range of finishes for the plastic base and glass tabletop that can create exactly the look you’d like. The Sir Gio is a wonderful contrast of classic design with modern materials.

Smatrik Chair

Many of Kartell’s designs can withstand the outdoors and bring a sense of unusual classiness to it, but the Smatrik is designed for outdoors with a complex seat whose grid shape allows water to flow through. Though it’s designed for outdoors, this chair is more than stylish enough to look at home indoors as well.

Ami Ami Chair

Kartell’s Ami Ami Chair features an elegant and unexpected weave texture in plastic. This unexpected texture in a molded chair is typical of the inventiveness designers bring to Kartell, expressed uniquely by their manufacturing approach. This chair makes a stunning minimalist statement in any space, and combines durability and style that make it great for outdoor or indoor use.

Mr. Impossible Side Chair

The Mr. Impossible Side Chair is what we think of when we call Kartell’s designs retro-futurist and evocative of 1970s science fiction. The rounded design, materials, and especially colors make it hard not to get warped back in time! The modern materials, simple form, and fun colors make this chair incredibly chic and highly adaptable.

Audrey Armchair

A plethora of material and finish options make the Audrey Armchair one of Kartell’s most versatile pieces. With a plastic and aluminum frame, this lightweight and sturdy armchair is a great addition to interior or exterior spaces, adding a dash of customizable style as glitzy or subtle as you desire.

Simply Superb

Kartell never fails to inspire and impress us with their ability to create sensationally simple and chic pieces. The versatility of their designs is enhanced by the material as it’s both weatherproof and capable of being dyed many colors, increasing their potential uses in different situations and making them complementary towards more styles.

Kartel unifies function, color, and form in the industrial process to create furniture that’s simply stunning and truly unforgettable. If you need Kartell in your home, we have a large selection to explore.


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