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Brand Feature: Jesse


Jesse is another beautiful family business 100% designed and manufactured in Italy in the same town where the company was founded in the 1920’s. The showroom is also here and underwent a major renovation in 2008-9. Jesse originally started producing furniture exclusively for schools (the first company to do so) until the 1950’s when they transitioned into home furnishings. By the 1970’s the company had grown so much domestically that they expanded into other European markets with great success.

Their designs and details have always drawn on their international liaisons and to this day they remain tied to Europe and South and North America which includes both distributors such as Sklar and also Jesse specific flagship stores in several countries. A tour of the factory will leave you astounded at how modern and state of the art it is. The shop is spotless – all of the difficult and potentially dangerous jobs are done by robots and the computerization is watched over by young men and women alike.

The President is the grand-daughter of the founder and bears the last name “Jesse”. Many others in the family work in the company and they believe in a corporate culture infused with kindness and creativity. The fact that many of their employees have been with them for 30-40-50 years speaks volumes.

Taking care of the environment is a choice made by the family so that all may have a better future. Their manufacturing techniques have been carefully chosen to reflect this choice and to this end the company has been awarded the top ecological rating available in Europe and proudly displays this certification ISO 14001-04

Obviously we at Sklar are proud to be associated with such a fine family business and look forward to growing our businesses together.


Sklar Furnishings