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Brand Feature: GW William


GW William was founded in 1981 by Patrice Fontaine and began its journey in the granite sector. In 1998, the WILLIAM subsidiary, specializing in upholstered furniture, was created. Very quickly WILLIAM built an excellent reputation thanks to the beauty and quality of its sofas, easy chairs and other upholstered products. WILLIAM uses only leading edge, environmentally respectful manufacturing methods. Not only is the furniture aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, the business practices are ethical, and boast superior quality construction, as well as carefully chosen, highly durable leathers and fabrics.

The Nelson Sectional

Sklar currently carries the Nelson Sectional. While the Nelson is available in a wide range of fabrics in and an impressive choice of materials and colors, it is presented at the Sklar showroom in a beautiful, 100% polyester fabric that has a smooth, velvety look.

WILLIAM favors superior quality, eco-friendly construction and uses materials that respect the environment. All adhesives are heat-fusible, water-based and do not produce ozone depleting fumes. All pieces of wood are drawn and cut using the Mastercam computer system in order to minimize losses and maximize the use of the material. Solid wood scraps are glued and modified in order to reuse them elsewhere in the making of furniture while wood debris and dust are reused as absorbent materials in Quebec fields and are therefore, biodegradable.

To purchase WILLIAM products is to make a good investment; not only for yourself but for the planet at large. With many different elements that can be combined in various configurations or used alone, the Nelson brings originality to your living room.


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