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Brand Feature: Gardeco


Founded in Belgium in 1999 Gardeco had only one objective – bring affordable art to a broader public. They offer handcrafted pieces from around the world and sell to exclusive shops, art galleries, museum shops and design stores such as ourselves.

They showcase the talents of a number of European and South American artists with the mission of expanding the collections with new work. From the pure line of ceramic sculptures (like The Visitor Sculptures designed by Guido Deleu) to the sophisticated bronze sculptures (like Connected Sculpture designed by Jacques Vanroose and Samen Sculpture designed by Guy Buseyne) each piece is unique and handcrafted with care and dedication. Don’t forget the beautiful glass work like the basket designed by Brazilian artist Regina Medeiros.

The Visitor Sculpture is a wonderful whimsical piece that has become popular enough that you may just have seen one of these slightly potbellied men gazing upward with enough intensity to make you want to see what is so interesting! Connected Sculpture is a fabulous piece of two women running – as with all art use your imagination and decide whether they are playfully running to jump in the ocean or running away from something or someone chasing them! The glass Basket Bowl is so beautiful we watch clients run their hands over it to get the sensory appeal as well as the visual. Samen Sculpture will make you look wistfully at two lovers so connected that they appear as one.


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