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Brand Feature – Fiam Italia


Brand Feature: Fiam Italia 

With bold designs and a focus on utilizing glass to the fullest extent, Fiam Italia are one of Italy’s most dynamic and exciting design firms. Founded by Vittorio Livi in 1973 as a merger between four glass companies, Fiam Italia became the first company to produce furnishings using curved glass.

In 1984, Fiam Italia created the first dining table made from a single sheet of glass, the Ragno. Since then, they’ve continued to innovate and delight design aficionados around the world, including us here at Sklar. We’ve recently started to carry some of their lovely designs, and we’d love to introduce them to you!

Pop Mirror

As you’d expect of a company focused on glass, Fiam Italia’s mirrors are simply resplendent. The Pop Mirror is a playful and enchanting design which surrounds the mirror’s face in a swirl of glass bubbles, creating a focal point and engaging textured reflections. This is one mirror that definitely pops in any space!

Caadre Mirror

The Caadre Mirror is a minimalist yet regal mirror, large enough for a freestanding setup but presenting an equally distinguished profile when hung on a wall. A striking frame of curved glass ensconces the mirror face to create an effect that’s understated but still possesses the ability to surprise and delight, adding an extra element of reflection and drawing the viewer in.

Macrame Table

Taking its inspiration from its namesake textile technique, the Macrame Table features an airy, richly-textured glass base made of interwoven spun, with a flat tabletop that creates a visual counterpoint, helping to draw the eye downward to the base. This delightful coffee table makes a grand statement and works well as a centerpiece to anchor the living room.

Graph Desk

The Graph Desk’s transparent design continues Fiam Italia’s exploration of glass as both a structural and decorative element, showing the versatility and functionality that beautiful furnishings possess. With its flowing lines and gracious curves, this desk creates a dramatic impression and allows light to flow freely, making it ideal for opening up office spaces and creating a sublime impression.

Let Me See Console

With its curved glass ledge set against a stainless steel frame, the Let Me See Console creates a distinguished, dramatic, and modern impression. This mirror console has a minimal footprint due to its emphasis on vertical form, helping it excel at creating brighter and more open impressions in just about any space.

Delightful in Glass

Fiam Italia’s innovative work in glass creates quite the spectacular impression, showing how design finesse can breathe new life into even such tired clichés as ‘the glass coffee table’, and reminding us here at Sklar just how much an inventive approach and material expertise can make a difference.

If you find your interest piqued in any of the pieces above, just give us a call or come by the showroom for a closer look!


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