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Brand Feature: Ditre Italia


Ditre Italia is looking to conquer the interior design market with a story that speaks of products and style. For over 40 years, the Italian manufacturing company has been selling exclusive, luxurious items while promoting a way of life and their vision of the world. Created by the De Marchi brothers in 1976 in San Martino di Colle Umberto, each of Ditre Italia’s products tell a story tightly tied to their artisan upholstery tradition.

Anderson Sofa
The Anderson Sofa is a comfortable sofa with a lightweight appearance afforded by the slender feet. Designed and built with pleasantly relaxing moments in mind, Anderson features impressive proportions, an imposing armrest and a reclining headrest. All of these qualities pool together to ensure unsurpassable comfort.

St. Germain Chairs
St. Germain is a new example of a multi-expressive sofa that takes a knowledgeable step back into the past while retaining the timeless appeal of an ageless classic: a carefully crafted object. When you talk about a sofa, you are thinking of a single object. A sofa system, on the other hand, is a multiple experience. This is what St. Germain gives.

The respect for detail, along with years of expertise, devotion and passion are what drive Ditre Italia to produce dynamic collections that stand out. To create and produce sofas and chairs that turn high-quality manufacturing and design into values within everyone’s reach is what their business is built upon.


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