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Brand Feature: Aqua Creations


We’re believers in the transcendent possibilities that high quality designer lighting brings to any space, so it shouldn’t surprise you that the organic, flowing, and simply superb stylings of Aqua Creations have us transfixed.

Founded in 1992 by photographer Albi Serfaty and artist Ayala Serfaty, Aqua Creations catches inspiration in the sea and brings it onto land as sculptural lighting. In over three decades of work, the designers and artisans of the firm have established a strong reputation for excellence. We’ve been enchanted by their delightful creations ever since our own start, so here are some stand-out examples of their work.

Fan Wall Sconces

These wall sconces are inspired by the graceful example of undersea plant life and do away with artificiality. Shaped like coral and crafted from steel and silk, the Fan Wall Sconce works its magic best in pairs or grouped. Bunched silk calls to mind the veins of leaves, and diffuses the light for a gentle effect that is ideal for hallway lighting, or as accent lighting in the living room or bedroom.

SameSame Shelf Light

The SameSame Shelf Light suggests otherworldly inspiration and creates such an unlikely but welcome effect wherever it is placed. Enchanting silk and metal construction creates a warm, gentle glow that enhances a pensive or intimate space. With its evocative, perfectly balanced form, the SameSame makes a perfect accessory on shelving, but can be equally enchanting when placed on a side or coffee table.

Morning Glory Lamp

Inspired and named after the trumpet shaped perennial, the Morning Glory Lamp offers an element of dualism unlike any other. Efficiently functioning as both a beautiful exhibitor of light as well as an eye-capturing piece of art, Aqua Creation’s Morning Glory Lamp originally designed by Ayala Serfaty is the perfect addition to any contemporary home. Available in a variety of colors, the Morning Glory Lamp can easily work well with other furniture and different styles of wallpaper.

Horn Floor Lamp

The dynamism of the Horn Floor Lamp can enhance any space of your contemporary home. In singles or paired, the Horn Floor Lamp creates an incredibly unique atmosphere. The lamp’s combination of silk and metal diffuse and spread light, creating a gentle illumination which is ideal for the living or dining room—but wouldn’t look out of place in an office or bedroom. Additionally, this fixture looks equally as stunning when turned off and is thus something that you simply cannot go wrong with.

Simon Says No Pendant Light

This pendant light at first suggests a less-natural inspiration, but the pleated and bunched silk suggests ripples in sand captured by a wooden frame. The Simon Says No Pendant Light is an extremely flexible design, available in 17 colors and sizes, and the frame can be mahogany or walnut. Suitable for nearly any space, and casting a lovely warm glow, this light works very well when varied and repeated in a single space, but its outstanding design means that it can command a space by itself.

Free-flowing Light

Taking inspiration from nature, Aqua Creation’s lights can introduce an organic element into your home. If you’ve seen enough of sharp angles and industrially-inspired design, the more flowing style of these lights can help make your home more inviting. We invite you to come by the showroom to experience this magical lighting in person, or dive in online!


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