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Boo! Decor With a Touch of the Eerie


Halloween comes but once a year; however, a little frisson of spookiness is fun anytime. In the spirit of the season, we turned a seasonal eye to our own lighting and decor in search of the dark, the dramatic and the surreal.

First up is this unforgettable Animal Bust by Oly. Ramsey is a lifelike depiction of a goat, in the style of a classic human bust. Crafted in cast resin, it’s a playful, off-kilter accent that adds a hint of fantasy to your space.

The Gemini Crystal Vase, in sparkling Florentine glass, combines fine, clear tendrils with a midnight black body. Available in two styles, the Gemini coordinates well with a wide variety of decor styles; but as the witching hour approaches, it transforms into the perfect centerpiece for your Halloween table.

Available in five sizes, the Jellyfish Sculpture is a striking, dreamlike accessory all on its own. Add a lighted base and this denizen of the deep appears to glow in the dark, floating serenely in midair.

Speaking of jellyfish, the Jellyfish Clear Pendant Light also takes its cue from medusae, as evident in its many curling ‘tentacles’. Opt for the black shade for an especially mysterious look.

Kartell’s Bourgie Table Lamp, with its baroque-inspired curlicues, combines a touch of 19th century opulence with 21st century materials. Pair it with an opulent bed like the velvet-upholstered Alchemy for a glamorous bedroom fit for a scream queen.


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