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Whether you have a lavish guesthouse or a tiny office that will have to do as a guest room, you want your overnight guests to feel comfortable, welcomed, and relaxed. This means avoiding the sterile, characterless style of hotel rooms and instead, creating an engaging, multi-functional, but broadly-appealing space that will serve as your guest’s home away from home, but still feel like an extension of your own style. Finding this balance can be difficult, and is why many homes opt to leave the guest room renovations for last, or end up belaying their creativity in favor of non-descript and inoffensive. But broad doesn’t have to mean boring. Here are some tips for creating a beautiful, functional guest room that will leave your guests asking, “Can I stay longer?”


One of the most important things about creating a welcoming space is giving your guest the freedom to make the room their own – whether they are staying for just one night or coming in for a longer trip. This means developing a multifunctional space that can be used as a living room, bedroom, and office – all in one. One of the easiest ways to do this is by utilizing a comfort sleeper that can be converted from a stylish couch to a luxurious bed with little hassle and fuss. A clean, basic style is key for ensuring the living/sleeping area fits your guest’s tastes, but sumptuous materials like leather or Ultrasuede® can help create a more luxurious feel.

Pops of Color

While you want the room to be adaptable and basic, you don’t want it to be boring, so pops of color and texture can create visual interest in the room without overwhelming your guest’s senses. This can be as simple as fresh-cut flowers, silky, jewel-toned sheets, or colorful couch pillows and throws. Alternatively, try playing with accessories, such as funky lamps, rugs, clothing trees, hung art, or personalized night-stand knick-knacks, which can be taken home as souvenirs of their stay. Try giving your guest options so that they can make the room their own and feel at home.


Guest rooms are often on the smaller side, but to truly create a multifunctional environment, the room has to contain more than just a place to sleep. Adapting the guest room to include a home office area is a great way to make our guest feel at home, and can also be used after your guests have left. A modular unit is great for separating the working and sleeping areas, and provides plenty of storage spaces for towels, linens, and personalized decor.


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