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Art as Lighting


One of the most exciting and innovative lighting companies we carry, Aqua Creations, was founded in 1993 by the Israeli artist Ayala Serfaty and her husband Ali Serfaty. Ayala studied fine art at the Bezalel Academy in Tel Aviv and then at the Middlesex Academy in London England. 

Her early work – the lights and lamps, are influenced by underwater plants and creatures. This becomes very evident when you stand in a room with her pieces. Her work is very popular in South Florida since we are surrounded by the water and many people spend a great deal of time on, in and under it. 

Described as organic, sensual, and free flowing her lamps will make you just stand and stare. They are so beautiful and because you can chose from a great variety of both styles and colored silks the choices are almost endless. The lamps are made of treated hand dyed silk from India laid over a metal structure. Each lamp is made to order and is truly made just for you. 

Since the factory is in Tel Aviv all of these lamps coming to the United States are packed in a custom made crate to ensure that they arrive looking exactly the same as when they left. Have a look at some of these lamps, once you see them you will start noticing installations in a variety of places. The Seagate Hotel in Delray Beach and the Breakers in Palm Beach both have large installations which always bring lots of inquiries and smiles. 

Because she is an artist Ayala is not content to just keep doing the same things; she is currently working on furniture. Again whatever she chooses to do is very unique, beautiful, and exquisite. 


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