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Are you ready for Black?


Want a look that screams style?  Paint your wall or walls black.

Paint suppliers are reporting a surge in black satin paint—reasons vary from economic to the aesthetic.  People have become comfortable with browns and it is a short jump to black.  Here are some black basics if you decide to take the plunge.

  1. Your walls need to be as smooth as possible – matte and satin will hide any imperfections better than glossy.
  2. Keep the look crisp by painting the trim a spotless high gloss bright white
  3. To get the richness you expect with black use a good dark tone primer or you will need multiply coats.  It is wrong to think black will cover in one coat.
  4. Silver, metal and mirrors look wonderful in a black room.
  5. Nervous?—paint one wall or a hallway.  Contrary to popular theory black does not make rooms look smaller—in fact the corners tend to disappear for an eye tricking illusion of space.

Go for it!  You will love the high style it injects into your decorating.


Sklar Furnishings