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All the Right Moves: Motion Furniture


Motion furniture is a diverse market, producing new examples of innovative thinking all the time. By combining functions, motion furniture can do double duty, saving space and making your rooms more versatile. Broadly speaking, any piece of furniture that is convertible, expandable, or equipped with moving parts can be called motion furniture – that includes extendable tables, sit-stand desks, recliners and motion sectionals.

Motion tables
Motion tables offer a number of surprising hidden abilities, and can be made to change shape, height, size, or function as required. Two crescent-shaped fold-out leaves transform the shape and size of the Myles, taking it from a small to a mid-sized dining table. The Fusion Dining Table converts into a pool table at a moment’s notice, making it the perfect piece for a well-appointed man cave. The Aqui and Calypso coffee tables each boast not one but two moving surfaces, which can be brought together or pulled apart. All are especially great options for people who love to entertain.

Motion sectionals
Motion sectionals provide the option of sitting or reclining, letting several users at once adjust their position to their liking. Sklar is pleased to stock motion sectionals in a wide range of styles, with customizable configurations and upholstery. These include the Divine and the Tessa, both running on high-tech powered mechanisms and available in a variety of upholstery options.

Theater seating
Theater-style motion sectionals and recliners are right at home in the media room, where individual comfort is paramount, and mean nobody needs to be disturbed by their neighbor’s preference. American Leather offers the plush Monroe Theater Seating, with backlit control panel and Infinity System™ powered back and footrests, and the Dean Theater Sofa with four luxurious seats arranged in a sectional formation.

We stock ingenious products for every room in the home, ready for you to test and enjoy. Discover your motion furnishing style at Sklar!


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