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Add a touch of coastal flavor to your contemporary living space


A coastal home decor is synonymous with light and breezy. A coastal style decor is the epitome of simplistic elegance. Each element of the coastal style rooms is geared towards creating a comfortable and calm haven from the busy pace of day-to-day life. One doesn’t have to live by the ocean to incorporate the coastal style. Since the light and breezy decor style is all about fun and reminders of the relaxing time at the beach, the decor style often reaches far inland.

Coastal style rooms share the of love of ocean hues, flow of abundant natural light, and incorporation of natural fabrics and materials. Throw in plenty of plush cushions, blankets and throw pillows to make the space welcoming. Coastal elements such as specimen coral and shells, coastal art, anchors or other maritime instruments are the perfect centerpieces or room accessories.

What makes a coastal home decor?

A soothing color palette
A coastal design has the ability to make you feel relaxed. To optimize the feeling of calmness, focus all your efforts in the direction of neutral base and muted tones. Off-whites, soft grays, sandy tans create an environment that is inviting and soothing. Even the accent wall shade needs to be a subdued one, and not the usual bold color pop. Pastel hues like coral and aquamarine have beachy connotations that would make your room the perfect backdrop for a coastal design. If you like a monochromatic theme for the walls, make sure to add some pastel colored wall accents to not make the walls appear too stark. The Fan Wall Sconce is a beautiful piece of coral colored lighting unit that is floral in shape but also looks like a shell.

A simple layout
Embracing a minimalistic approach in your layout conveys a sense of modern sleekness. Make your room furniture the focal point and leave a lot of negative space around it. A lot of negative space would allow people to move comfortably around the room and give it a feeling of being open and breezy. An example of an airy layout furniture piece is River Stones Pouf. These contemporary fun poufs make you think that they are made of river or beach stones. They are a perfect addition for a coastal style room.

Nautical style
Throw in some wall art to make sure that the place does not look stark or barren. Coastal or nautical images are perfect wall decorations for a coastal home. Nautical stripes, anchor pictures, closeups of rope, yachts, lighthouses are just a few examples of what would constitute a coastal wall art. Nautical theme can also be shown in striped chairs or rugs. Nourison Prismatic Seaglass Rug is a gorgeous piece of coastal style inspiration encompassing the stripes and a blue hue.


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