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Accentuate your Features


Accent walls are a great opportunity to incorporate a dramatic color you might not otherwise use. Choose a complementary color to intensify the original color whereas an adjacent color will give the room a fresher look.

Adopt a less is more attitude for accessories to ensure your space doesn’t become cluttered. The secret is choosing a few good pieces whose simple clean lines bring a sense of calm.

Keep a cohesive design thread throughout a project, whether using color, pattern or another element to create an instant sense of flow, calm and comfort.

Too carefully coordinating each piece in a room can leave it flat and predictable, it is the unexpected item that elevates and personalizes a room. A relatively inexpensive way to add pizzazz to a bedroom is to wallpaper the wall behind the headboard.

Create with feeling, texture and contrast. Any well–designed space will include a layering of textures. The texturing could come from different sources of lighting or from fabric, such as with sleek or gauzy curtains.


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