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A Fresh Look at Orange


Orange is a color most of us associate with Halloween, and rightly so! Pumpkins of course have been part of the North American Halloween tradition as long as any one of us can remember.

However in the last couple of years orange has taken the furniture fashion industry by storm – it is “the new red”. Orange shares the attention-grabbing effect of red without as much aggressiveness. It has different moods: It can be calming (peach) or earthy (pumpkin). Most oranges are warm, meaning they contain red or yellow, which gives them a friendly inner glow.

To get you started try inserting orange into your color scheme with small accent pieces like accessories or pillows. These items are much less expensive to replace than an orange leather sectional if you find the color too strong to live with on a full time basis. Another inexpensive and fool proof way to try orange is to paint an accent wall. When painting walls orange, don’t use the color elsewhere in the room—stick to neutrals, like white and cream, to temper the shade.

One last bit of advice – avoid black, so as not to veer into Halloween territory. As always with designing your space, go with what you love, and your space will truly be yours.


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