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A Few of Our Favorite Things!


With the Spring Market behind us, our showroom is brimming with new trends, colors and textures; our designers are giddy with the possibilities. We asked them to contain their excitement and narrow down their favorite new items and trends.

Every designer has their own style and way of doing things; to each their own as the saying goes. But surprisingly enough, a lot of them had fallen for the Mary Armchair from Il Loft.  This retro, yet modern, swivel chair comes in an impressive range of colors and patterns to fit any style. Possibly the best feature is the size of the seat itself – the extra-long seat is too inviting to not curl up and lounge with a good book. Add in the matching ottoman, and you may have found your new favorite chair!

Eventually, you’ll have to pry yourself out of the chair and eat something. Our designers agree that gathering around the polished, yet natural edges of the Spyder Dining Table from Cattelan is the best way to do that. There are options for the table base, which is a geometric, eye-catching pedestal for the stunning walnut wood top. Again, simplistic, clean designs are the best when the materials used are the real showstopper.

When it came to picking the best colors and fabrics as a backdrop for these pieces, our designers had a little bit of a harder time reaching a consensus. Some voted in favor of soft grays, light lavenders and Williamsburg blues, while bright fun patterns like the iconic fabrics of Missoni or colored animal print area rugs were others’ top picks.

They may not always agree, but that’s the point of design – there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. You’re unique in the way you live, love and express yourself, your home should be a platform for you to do so how you please.

Check out our designers top 5 picks while you browse their bios. Their diverse backgrounds will help you understand just how their tastes came to be so different!


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