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5 Things Interior Designers Can Tell Their Clients About The Color Red


The color red has the capacity to enhance a space; giving it a warm, noticeable vibe. Where you see red you’ll often find an impressionable, bold personality, and the wide range of reds is what makes this color so versatile. Here are 5 things you likely didn’t know about the color:

  1. Red is the preferred color after blue for most people in the world.
  2. Red could be created from certain materials and natural elements such as Madder plant. The color red became the third prominent color being used.
  3. Red, black and white were the first colors used by artists and was the first color after black and white to have its own name.
  4. Red has been an important color in Chinese culture, religion, industry, fashion and court ritual since ancient times. Red was also featured in Chinese Imperial Architecture; gates of palaces were usually painted red and nobles often painted their entire mansion red.
  5. It is believed that the red symbolizes energy, action, confidence, courage and change. The color red brings passion and strength to relationships, life and work.

It’s not uncommon for this historical color to be implemented into a contemporary style; after all, it’s vibrant and eye catching. While red walls can make a room stunning and elegant, you might consider using simple accents instead. Just remember if you do choose to paint don’t use red for both your walls and your furniture. Not only will it make your room hard to breathe in, it creates a surrounding that is too strong to feel pleasant in. The mixture of reds and neutrals is common, so always use it when decorating, as well as these ideal red accents from Sklar.


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