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5 Simple Pieces for Your Entranceway


Your home’s entryway sets the tone for the rest of the house, so it’s only natural you’ll want it to be impactful and welcoming. There are some essential pieces that not only look great, but carry a lot of utility at the entry to your house.

Mirror: A well-placed mirror reflects light and creates the illusion of space, which is especially important if you are working with a small area. It also offers the opportunity to give yourself that often-essential last minute glance. Your guests will appreciate it too! The Fittipaldi Wall Mirror’s unique and architectural layers of panels allow it to double as both a mirror and a statement piece.

Entry table: A console like the Mirage acts as a simple and practical way to rest a few items (both essential and decorative) at the entrance to the home. Items like a framed photo, a treasured trinket or flowers add character and create a welcoming tone. Entry tables pair well with a mirror so keep in mind how these two pieces will interact with each other in the space.

Glass bowl or tray: Items like keys and mail often get tossed onto a table as you enter the house. The best way to stay organized and clutter-free is to have a designated place for them. Placing a glass bowl like the Kartell Moon or tray at the entry table is a practical and stylish way to store your essentials.

An Area Rug: This can pull the place together, adding depth through the use of pattern and preventing dirt from tracking into the house. Keep in mind the size of the rug must be in proportion to the space. Also take into consideration the durability factor and how the rug will blend into the style of your home decor.

A statement light fixture: Lighting is often an overlooked but key element in a room. Adding the right lighting at the entrance is essential to creating a welcoming atmosphere. First impressions always count, so choose something you really love, with lighting that is flattering.

Images courtesy of Sergey Harenko.


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