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5 European Products You Need This Summer


It’s summer, which means it’s time for something new and fresh! Discover modern and comfortable furniture to relax on during the heatwave, along with a sideboard that is sure to turn heads. You can make small changes and it will go a long way.  Check out these new European furniture pieces for your home that bridge the American aesthetic with strong European roots for the perfect summer vibe. 

This furniture embraces both old and new styles while providing distinctive designs and comfort. These European designs are affordable, versatile and the trendiest pieces for your home this summer.

Aria Table by Aleal
ALEAL, a luxury furnishings company based in Portugal, uses state of the art manufacturing technology with the highest quality raw materials to manufacture furniture with dramatic designs. ALEAL’s furnishings have distinctive originality and character that can easily be seen in the Aria Table. This table creates a sense of theatre in one’s home with its clean lines and silhouette. Make this luxury table the focal point of your living room and watch how it amazes your friends, family and guests. 

36E8 Sideboard by Lago
Lago envisions design as a discipline that produces not just products but also new models for living. The innovative Italian brand is most famously known for modular furniture like the 36E8 sideboard. The oak timber sideboard is a storage classic with a contemporary twist of creating your shelves by combining different dimensions, shapes and finishes. This sideboard can be creatively positioned in infinite combinations to fit your needs and space. 

Moonstar Sofa by Il Loft
Italian furniture is synonymous with high quality and distinctive designs. Il Loft hinges its brand image on quality mixed with fine and creative designs. Il Loft’s passion and love for color are evident in many of their pieces of furniture. The Moonstar Lineare Sofa is one of the chicest summer sofas from the brand. It’s modern and  features a high backrest that provides uber comfort and its unique design gives it a soft appearance. The magnificent sofa features cushions in various designs and textures that act as small embellishments for the sofa.

Free Spirit Curvo Sofa by Il Loft
Another popular piece from Il Loft is the Free Spirit Curvo sofa. The leather piece comes with dual compositions to suit every room’s aesthetic, a linear structure for clean lines and a curving form for that creative and artistic feel. The free-spirited modern sofa is defined by an upholstered metal tray and cushions that are easy on the back and perfect for lounging, day and night. 

Suave Sofa by Vondom
This summer, draw your guests together by transforming your home into a true oasis with Vondom’s Suave sofa. The Suave collection achieves a high level of softness, comfort and relaxation by fusing fine craftsmanship with advanced technology. The contemporary sofa comes in calm and appealing colors to create a welcoming environment and its delicate fabric reflects the warmth that brings people together. 


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