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5 easy ways to create rooms with personality


Pinterest and Instagram feeds are inundated with homes that look just as similar as the next. It seems like everyone’s living rooms follow a similar theme and aesthetics. There’s a lot more out there to experiment with and incorporate into our rooms, without seeming like we are all copying each other. It’s easy to follow someone’s design aesthetics, but that might not represent your personality. So, here are some ideas to create rooms with your personality:

1. Paint is your friend
Paint effects can transform your rooms like no other design element can. If you are cheerful and bright, paint those walls a bright yellow. A dark and moody personality will call for some navy colored walls. You don’t have to paint the entire room to give it an uplift. Try painting an accent wall with your favorite color or go for a wallpaper with a design/theme that resonates with your way of living. The endless color options for painting your rooms is a beautiful way to represent your personality.

2. The right amount of vintage
Vintage adds a dash of classic style to any room. However, sometimes vintage is confused for old-fashioned. The most beautiful vintage pieces are the ones that fit into a modern space and elevate it. The Orlando Sofa and Sectional is a great example of a contemporary furniture unit with the right amount of vintage feel. The sectional’s dash of vintage gives a sense of depth and character to a room.

3. Play with the pattern
Colors, textures and patterns can make a space feel more intriguing and inviting while affording you the ability to add your own touch of personality. A throw for your sofa or even patterned wallpaper all add dimension and substance to the room but a bold patterned rug like the Plasma Area Rug is particularly striking and will instantly add style to any room.

4. Create a gallery/art wall
Creating a gallery or art wall is a quick and easy way to make your rooms feel more like you. The gallery wall allows you to showcase who you are and add a touch of you to your home. Your art gallery might constitute photographs, mementos, travel souvenirs, keepsakes and even fine art. These pieces will tell your story and bring you comfort.

5. Play with Furniture
Select a furniture unit that is comfortable, visually appealing and practical to your living space. A furniture unit reflects an individual’s style. You cannot go wrong with something like the Jake Chair from American Leather. The Jake Chair adds a unique style and will enhance one’s home’s visual appeal.


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